Project Finance


Our firm has a longstanding expertise in accompanying the financial arrangements for projects and transactions, representing our clients vis-à-vis various financiers, such as banks and institutional investors in Israel and abroad. We are experts in providing legal services in the finance proceedings both as part of a comprehensive legal assistance or as a standalone service.

In particular, we specialize in accompanying the financing of large-scale transactions in various business sectors, such as: real estate projects, energy and infrastructure projects, assets purchases, company acquisitions and construction of projects locally and abroad, particularly in the hotel and tourism sector.

In this framework our legal services include assistance in all the financing transaction’s aspects, including negotiations and the preparation of all guarantee documents and written undertakings.

Our firm has substantial experience in multi-lender loans, and we help create productive solutions for our clients to prevent cross-liability among the lenders.   

Our clientele in this area includes entrepreneurs, contractors, private companies, public companies, municipal economic companies, local authorities, kibbutzim, investors, business people and private individuals.