Our firm accompanies entrepreneurs, startups, established tech companies, VC funds, angel investors and business people in diverse Hi-Tech segments.

Our firm has extensive experience in providing legal counsel throughout all of the start-up stages. We accompany our clients from the stage of proofreading a concept and building a business model; through the establishment of the company, raising capital from investors, handling product development, contracting with employees (including compensation plans and options), service providers and consultants; drafting development agreements, product manufacturing agreements, licensing agreements, marketing agreements and distribution agreements including up to the exit strategy.

We also have extensive experience in accompanying longstanding tech companies and investors thereof, and we handle the full spectrum of agreements that they require for their business operations.

Moreover, we provide legal assistance in issues concerning benefits under the Israeli Research and Development Law and the Israeli Encouragement of Capital Investments Law (ECIL), such as benefits for a Preferred Technological Factory, and in the interaction with the Innovation Authority for receiving grants.

Along with the legal services in this particular field, we also provide complementary legal services in a wide variety of other legal areas, such as matters of Commercial Law, M&A, Labor Law, Commercial Litigation, Finance, Tenders, Trademarks, Securities Law, Competition Law, Privacy Law, companies and partnerships taxations and international taxation, regulations and representation vis-à-vis the various government agencies.

We strive to achieve our clients’ success by finding optimal legal and business solutions.